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Realtors, we know first-hand in this competitive Northern Colorado real estate market you must do everything in your power to meet the needs of your buyers and sellers. The key is going above and beyond to help your listing stand out. Next time you list a home, consider asking your home seller these questions to write a better listing description and to create marketing materials.

Buyers often want to know more about the neighborhood in which they are considering purchasing in, especially if they are from out of town, or even out of state. Northern Colorado is rapidly expanding, meaning many of your buyers may not know much about the neighborhood. By asking these questions, you’ll better represent the home and be better poised to satisfy your clients.

Questions to ask your sellers:

  1. What would you say about your neighbors?
  2. What community events take place throughout the year?
  3. What local shopping is available nearby?
  4. What are the schools in your neighborhood and what do you think about them?
  5. What are some of the best restaurants or hang-out spots nearby?
  6. Is there access to public transportation?
  7. Is there a local park, playground, or dog park nearby?
  8. Is there a community pool or fitness facility?
  9. What is the crime rate in your neighborhood?
  10. What’s available nearby for entertainment (move theaters, nightlight, children’s activities, etc.)?
  11. Where are the medical clinics and hospitals located?
  12. What other towns are nearby?

While it can be tempting to answer all questions in the best light, it is in both your interest and the interest of the home sellers to be transparent. Buyers are buying more than the four walls of the home, they are also buying into the lifestyle and neighborhood, so its important they’re happy.

Want more helpful tips to help you and your clients stand out in this crazy real estate market? Check out the other blogs on our site and contact us for information about the Northern Colorado real estate market.