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In a recent issue of Real Simple Magazine, we saw a list of ordinary items that you probably have in your home right now that can be used to make your life easier and we loved it! The LaForest Team in Greeley, Colorado is always looking for ways to help our clients with more than just mortgages. Here are some of our favorite home tricks worth sharing:

Uncooked spaghetti – When you don’t have a match long enough to light a candle sitting in a deep candle holder, use a piece of uncooked spaghetti. They easily catch on fire and stay lit for a long time.

Ice-cube tray – Organize desk supplies like paperclips and rubber bands. Use them to store buttons and beads. Use them as an organizer for jewelry.

Colander – Keep flies away from food by inverting the colander over the plate during your outside cookout.

Baby oil – Easily remove latex paint from your skin by squirting baby oil on a cotton ball or rag and wipe away.

Dental floss – Use unwaxed, unflavored dental floss to easily cut a cheese cake or layer cake. You won’t have the crumbs and mess of using a knife.

Antacid tablets – Drop a tablet in a little water to remove stains from the bottom of vases. Just let sit for several minutes and wipe clean.

Cotton swabs – Touch up paint chips on walls, cabinets or furniture by using a cotton swab instead of breaking out the paint brush.

Pillow case – Make lettuce last longer by placing it in a pillow case. Then put the lettuce and pillow case in a plastic bag in the fridge. The cotton will absorb the moisture and it will last longer than in just plastic.

Laundry basket – Line a laundry basket with a trash bag and fill with ice if you need an extra cooler for your party.

What are your favorite home tricks? How do you use some of your ordinary household items in a unique and different way? Stay tuned on the LaForest Team blog for more home tricks and ideas to help you get the most out of your place. And as always, don’t hesitate to contact us for information about buying, selling, or refinancing your home in Northern Colorado.