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MBS RECAP: Bonds Face Some Pressure as Correction Extends

There haven't been many market moving headlines over the past 2 days with the exception of Germany removing the veil of secrecy from its fiscal stimulus discussions.  That hit bonds on Friday and again in the overnight session.  Otherwise, we've been essentially free from headline drama since Thursday afternoon (and no, Trump's dinner with Tim Cook wasn't a market mover).  

With all of the above understood, now consider that which came before it: plenty of headlines and plenty of gains in bonds (and losses in stocks).  

Putting two and two together,...

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MBS Day Ahead: Is It Over?

In the week just passed, bonds rallied to new long-term low yields before bouncing on Friday.  Hong Kong protests over the weekend kicked things off on a strong note and weak global economic data on Wednesday sparked the next leg of the rally.  Thursday saw more of a momentum/capitulation move without much by way of concrete cause and effect.  Friday's reversal was credited to news of potential German fiscal stimulus (more bond issuance, not more bond buying, as it would be if it were "monetary" stimulus).

In the week ahead, bonds will get a chance to see how much...

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