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Help with buying a house with no down payment?

Hello everyone! This is my first post on this subreddit. I am sort of using a not really active, throw away account for this. I don't really like giving out my info too much, but for this post- I need some advice.

I live in the state of Ohio and I am currently living in apartment where I pay 400 a month for rent. This part of Ohio's cost of living is pretty damn cheap, mind you. My apartment complex is slowly going under and I have three months before I can fully move away. I have about 1.5k in my savings right now, with another grand or two going under my belt before the end of November.

My mother approached me with a house posting in a better neighborhood from where I am staying. Now, I know I am in the mortgage subreddit- and this statement might make some of you cringe but:I don't want to put a down payment on this house. I'd much rather keep the money I currently have saved as a small net. However, my mother offered to find a bank broker who could get me pre-approved without a down payment.The house sits at a low 65k selling price. I make 30k a year by myself, with a well off family that I have never borrowed from, who wouldn't mind helping me if the time called. My credit score is 733, I have paid off half a car (till someone wrecked it while inside sleeping) and have a credit car I regularly use.It's 1.5 stories, in a good neighborhood, and it's right near both school and work. It has three bedrooms, two baths, and an unfinished basement. My current two roommates, of course, would be moving in alongside me. I know the future is somewhat unpredictable, but I figured that I can rent out each of the other rooms to them. Even if they bail out in a year or two, I will be finished up with school- or my girlfriend could potentially move in with me.

Without a downpayment using a mortgage calculator, it would be roughly $320, which coupled with home insurance etc- could easily be $640 a month.

A good rent price would be $300 each with them splitting utilities with me. This is to have the rent money pay the mortgage, help possibly pay PMI, and property taxes. Since any maintenance or repair issues would solely be my responsibility- any money I don't spend on utilities- would be placed in a savings account.

Upon a visit and thoroughly going over pictures, the only structural issues are:-The roof needs to be replaced within a year or two

-The front door needs to be repainted

-One of the two bathrooms needs to be remodeled, more cosmetic than anything else.

Any advice? Should I still seek out a bank broker and get a house?

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