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Take a look at the 2018 Housing Forecast Note: If you're having trouble viewing this infographic, please go to http://bit. ly/2CEyJ1o for the web version. Read More


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For many families, holiday gift-giving includes donating money, as well as time and goods. With so many options to choose from, here are some guidelines for determining where your contribution is likely to have the impact you intend. Read More
According to the National Retail Federation’s October survey, consumers plan to spend an average of $967. 13 on the holidays this year. Read More
Without a doubt debt has been very cheap for the past several years.   Not to mention record low interest rates and fiscal stimulus have pushed up asset prices following the financial crisis. Read More
There is a well-rooted perception that to buy a home, especially your first one, you should keep saving and renting until you can make a 20 percent down payment. Reality is far different and knowing your options may get you through the door to homeownership that much sooner. Read More
Hello everyone and welcome back to the Mortgage Rundown brought to you by New American Funding.   Today I’m going to review what’s happened in the markets these past 12 months and my predictions for the future. Read More

How Handy Are You? 

Take this infographic quiz to find out!

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You may already be investing in your education, your career, and perhaps even in a home. So, how do you start putting away enough to meet your long-term plans? Fortunately, several options can help you start small— with minimal fees— even as you continue working toward your more immediate life goals. Read More
In many parts of the country, fall is the perfect season. It’s not too hot or too cold, the air is clear and crisp, and the turning leaves create a backdrop for daily life. Read More
Halloween's origins date back some 2,000 years … to the Celtic festival of Samhain. It was a time to celebrate the final harvest and appease the ghosts and spirits that arose with the seasonal shift. Read More
** Watch the YouTube video version of Mortgage Rundown @ https://youtu. be/INWHGj-g0mc Hello everyone and welcome back to the Mortgage Rundown. Read More
Deciding to sell your home on your own, otherwise known as “for sale by owner (FSBO),” can save you a substantial amount of money. That savings can range from the  percent commission you would have paid as a seller to a Real Estate Agent, to potentially twice that amount if your buyer is also not using an agent. Read More
Fifth Win for National Mortgage Lender Who Ranks #1664 in Nation TUSTIN, Calif. , Aug. Read More

Know anyone in the market for a little home makeover?  'Tis the season for remodeling and upgrading!

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Alan Greenspan in 2005 referred to the bond market as a “conundrum” when the Fed had raised rates 150bps yet longer term bond yields were falling.   And at the same time the dollar was falling and stock prices were rising. Read More
Reprinted from Yahoo! Finance 8/1/2017 TUSTIN, Calif. , Aug. Read More
The 2016 J. D. Read More
First, congratulations! You already answered the biggest question you’ll face: “Will you marry me?” That was the easy part—you knew in your heart what you wanted. Deciding how and where you answer that same question in the presence of your respective families and friends, however, is likely to involve both your heart and your wallet. Read More
Among the benefits members our armed forces receive for their service is access to the VA loan program, which helps finance homeownership. These loans tend to be more attractive—in terms of rates, credit requirements, down payments, and refinancing—than those available to nonmilitary home buyers. Read More
*The content below was reprinted with the express consent of . . Read More
Members of the Millennial generation (born between 1980 and 1998) are on the move, with a growing number moving into homeownership. During  2016, they accounted for 34% of homebuyers according to The National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) Home Buyer and Seller Generational Trends Report 2017 Where They Are Headed After flocking to urban areas as single renters, many Millennial buyers indicate they are headed to the suburbs and beyond. Read More
Unwinding unprecedented stimulus is no easy task. I don’t envy the Fed’s position of raising interest rates to a more sustainable level as well as reducing the balance sheet, the $4. Read More
*Reprinted from PRNewswire. com, 7/11/2017   Co-Founder of National Mortgage Company to Serve 3-Year Term as New Board Member TUSTIN, Calif. Read More
In my opinion the 10yr Treasury is a great gauge of economic well-being in this country (currently at 2. 22%). Read More
The FOMC meeting this week will go down as one of the most memorable in recent history.   Yes the Fed raised the benchmark rate 25 basis points into a range between 1. Read More

Ever wonder how life might be better as a homeowner? Take a look at these 50 benefits homeownership could offer you! 

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** Reprinted from Scotsman Guide, June 2017 edition. ** To succeed as conditions change, you must stay ahead of the curve There is one thing that’s constant within the mortgage marketplace: change. Read More
For the fifth year in a row, national mortgage lender New American Funding makes Scotsman Guide Top Mortgage Lenders list. The California-based company was ranked among entries from hundreds of mortgage companies across the country in the following categories: -Top Overall Volume: #14 - Retail Volume: #11 To view Scotsman Guide’s residential ranking, please visit: http://www. Read More
Congratulations and welcome to your after-college years! As the saying goes, your future is ahead of you. To make the most of this world of opportunity, and to get closer to achieving the dream of homeownership, it helps to have  control over your spending and to start saving early. Read More
It’s no secret that the use of student loans to pay for college has mushroomed, so much so that 41 percent of first time homebuyers currently have student loan debt. Many more potential  first time homebuyers are actually delaying homeownership—71 percent—because of concerns involving their student loans. Read More
A popular TV show involves a designer competing with a Real Estate Agent for the heart and finances of the featured homeowners. The designer offers a remodeling plan—within the homeowner’s budget—to address as many of the things about the home that led to considering a move. Read More
Are you wondering where you can get the best return for your home improvement dollars? Whether you are getting ready to sell or just want to make your home more comfortable, here are five fixes that can provide you with immediate results. Improvements You'll Want to Make Sooner Rather Than Later   1. Read More
Markets can be irrational and oftentimes emotional. How do you spot when sentiment changes and the market is pricing to a new normal? The answer: by analyzing data and identifying psychological barriers known as resistance and support levels. Read More

What's Your Mortgage Type? FHA or CONVENTIONAL?

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Anyone who read an economics textbook from 1970 to 2000 most likely came across a chapter on inflation. The damage inflation causes to an economy with uncontrollable price increases should scare any consumer or economist. Read More

Keeping Interest Rates in Perspective

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There are many considerations when deciding between renting and buying. Renting may seem like the cheaper option, but that may not necessarily be the case once you look at your possible deductions. Read More
There are a number of reasons for wanting to tap into your home equity. You may want to use some of the money invested in your home to eliminate other debts, like credit card balances or to contribute to your children’s college tuition bills. Read More
If you’re a Millennial and attended college, there is an excellent chance student debt is part of your financial life. Total U. Read More
While you have until April 18 to file your tax return this year, you may want to consider just going ahead and getting it done now. The reason is a compelling one: If you’re getting a refund, the sooner you file, the sooner that money goes right back into your pocket for investing, saving, or spending as you wish. Read More
There are two major themes in the market today: 1) buy stocks and 2) buy gold and bonds. Typically they don’t happen simultaneously and that should be cause for concern. Read More
Read more @ http://www. newamericanagent. Read More
I have heard no better analogy in describing the post-election euphoria around future GDP and interest rates than comparing the state of the markets to an escalator. In many people’s minds the economy, thanks to historically low interest rates for an extended period of time has put the US economy onto an escalator which will continue to rise for the years to come. Read More
In recent decades, owning real estate has provided millions of people with an opportunity to create and retain personal wealth. For most, their home is their largest asset. Read More
Are you looking to buy your first home or refinance your existing FHA mortgage? Now may be the right time to lock in your rate. The Federal Housing Administration has decided to reduce the annual mortgage insurance premiums by 0. Read More
Can your position in the birth order of your siblings—or not having any siblings—influence your money management style and the decisions you make around finance? Numerous academic studies—stretching over several decades—provide support for a link between birth order and money-management skills. It may not be a perfect fit, but it is a statistical one. Read More
If 2017 is the year you plan to make your big move—whether it’s into your first home, trading up to your dream home, adding a vacation home, or starting to accumulate an investment property portfolio—here are 10 resolutions that can help you get that much closer to achieving your goal over the next 12 months. Making Yourself at Home in 2017 Review your credit scores and history, improve their accuracy by addressing any errors, and then look for ways to improve your score. Read More
Whether it’s your nana, who has been coming through with a crisp $20 bill every birthday for years, or your unassuming father-in-law, if you are fortunate to be on the receiving end of help with a down payment, what’s your next move? After the expressions of heartfelt gratitude, it will require some strategy on your part. Next Steps It’s a good problem to have: family members or close friends who want to contribute to your down payment. Read More
Maximum Employment and 2% Inflation Today the FOMC raised the benchmark interest rate by 25bps to the range of 0. 50 to 0. Read More
Looking Ahead and Cheap versus Rich Total US retirement assets are valued somewhere around $25 trillion and have likely increased with the latest stock market rally since Election Day. Most of this money is managed by a third party and if you are the money manager, regardless of your preference between stocks, bonds, index funds or other, you must make a choice between what is cheap and what is rich. Read More
The question of whether we are right-brained or left-brained arises from the inherent need to understand ourselves better. It creates an easy shortcut for addressing choices we face in life—from which job to take to which stock to invest in, or even which home to buy. Read More
Moving into a new home is one of life’s most exciting, unforgettable events. However, once the excitement fades, the maintenance begins. Read More
Coming up with enough for a down payment doesn’t have to be a reason to delay the purchase of a home. With over 2,200 down payment assistance programs available across the country—all with the intent of making homeownership more affordable to more buyers—you may be much closer than you think to making a purchase. Read More
Millions of homebuyers in the U. S. Read More
It used to be that home buying was regarded as the “adulting” step that came after marriage and before family. Today, not so much. Read More
Whether you’re considering a new career opportunity, desire to be closer to family, or have always wanted to live in a particular city, buying a home out of state is a big move. It may seem like a daunting task at first, but with proper planning and preparation, you’ll soon discover that by taking the right steps, you can simplify the process and turn an overwhelming transition into a well-thought-out, feasible relocation. Read More
With a very uncertain election upcoming, the only thing really certain was that the FOMC was going to leave rates unchanged today. Eight members voted to leave rates unchanged and there were two dissenting votes for a 25bps rate increase. Read More
Mortgage loans are like power tools: You get the best results by using the right one for the job at hand. For many borrowers that may mean bypassing the conventional route to find the one that fits your budget today and is the least likely to cause financial stress in the future. Read More
In the past, home buying was typically associated with couples and families. Today, more and more single people, of all ages, are heading into homeownership. Read More
Once you’ve obtained a preapproval or mortgage commitment letter, typically the lender approves your loan application based on conditions, which means you have to satisfy certain requirements before your loan is fully approved. Usually, those conditions fall into two categories: “prior to documents” conditions and “prior to funding” conditions. Read More
After making your monthly car, rent, and student loan payments, then spending what you need for essentials, saving money can be tough. If what you are trying to save for is a home, the prospect of putting away enough for a down payment may seem daunting, but it’s not impossible. Read More
What’s the difference between an FOMC rate announcement and an iPhone product launch? Both highly anticipated, watched all over the world, heavily speculated for months prior and we are left with a feeling afterwards of “how much change is there really?”. The September Fed meeting has become the iPhone product launch. Read More
There is so much to look forward to when investing in a vacation home, but there are also a lot of things you should understand before deciding to make that purchase. Not only are there several regular costs in addition to the mortgage payments, but you also need to take taxes into account (which can differ on a second home). Read More
The housing market has a huge impact on paint sales because both buyers and sellers rely on paint to make improvements to a property. Those who purchase existing homes tend to repaint after closing, and many of those looking to sell their homes give certain rooms a fresh coat of paint and convert walls back to neutral colors so they can increase a home's appeal. Read More
We all dream about purchasing that gorgeous second home in the mountains, on the beach or way out in the countryside. A vacation home, after all, is a great way to ensure infinite good times with our friends and family for years to come. Read More
The Federal Reserve announced no changes to the benchmark rate with only one member casting a dissenting vote. Household spending "has been growing strongly" although business investment "has been soft" and the Fed has reiterated that they expect inflation to rise to the 2 percent target. Read More
I had the unique fortune to be in London shortly after the Brexit vote just a few weeks ago and talked to a few Brits about their opinions on Brexit itself. By and large the vote was not about national security and had more to do with the EU controlling their country instead of their own elected democracy. Read More
Real Estate Agents have a lot to juggle as they strive to convert contacts to clients, in addition to maintaining relationships with those they have worked with in the past. Keeping track of personal, specific information pertaining to each client can significantly improve a Real Estate Agent's relationships with his or her customers. Read More
Customer relationship management software can help Real Estate Agents strengthen their relationships with both leads and current clients. Perhaps most importantly, CRM software can help agents turn those prospects into clients. Read More
Study after study continues to reveal that millennials are citing student loan debt as a huge obstacle to home buying. Nevertheless, millennials are currently the largest home buying generation in the country, making up 35 percent of all buyers. Read More
When a mortgage lender is deciding whether to grant you a loan, he or she is going to ask a lot of personal questions. Your lender will want to know everything about your financial situation and will want to examine in detail documents like your credit report, bank statements, tax returns and pay stubs. Read More
Refinancing a mortgage can save borrowers a substantial amount of money as long as they refinance the right way. If you think refinancing might be the right choice at this point in your mortgage, there are a lot of questions you should ask before taking that plunge. Read More
Getting ready for an open house is hard work. The process can be exhausting, considering all the washing, cleaning, de-cluttering and rearranging that needs to happen. Read More


In Which States Did Properties Sell Most Quickly in February 2018?
Amid strong demand and tight supply, REALTORS® reported that properties that sold in February 2018 were typically on the market for 37 days, down from 45 days compared to the same month last year, according to the  February 2018 REALTORS® Confidence Index Survey.[1] The median days on market have been broadly on a downtrend since […]
First-time Buyers Sidelined by Lack of Supply and Rising Prices
Lack of homes available for sale and the concomitant rise in prices appears to be sidelining many first-time potential homebuyers in 2018. In the first two months of 2018, first-time buyers made up only 29 percent of home buyers compared to 32 percent in the same period one year ago, according to the February 2018 […]