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Whether you live in a drought-prone area, want to reduce your utility bills, or wish to simply lower your environmental footprint this summer, there are many small adjustments you and your family can make to reduce your water and energy use. Read More

Do you offer your clients an annual loan review after their mortgages close? Now would be a good time to start. Read More

Even with current rate trends, refinancing remains an attractive option for many clients. Read More

I have heard no better analogy in describing the post-election euphoria around future GDP and interest rates than comparing the state of the markets to an escalator. Read More

There are two major themes in the market today: 1) buy stocks and 2) buy gold and bonds. Read More

Reflation is different than inflation. Read More

The first 100 days of the new administration begins as President Trump and his team race to action during this most influential time of his presidency. Read More

The markets continue to make corrections in all areas as the new administration prepares to take office, and there are only a short 10 days until the inauguration of Donald Trump. Read More

Total US retirement assets are valued somewhere around $25 trillion and have likely increased with the latest stock market rally since Election Day. Read More

Today the FOMC raised the benchmark interest rate by 25bps to the range of 0. Read More

While the bond market is performing very similar to the infamous Taper Tantrum of 2013, this is a very different market today. Recall that Taper Tantrum was about removing accommodation. Read More

Oro Valley, AZ Read More

Members of the Baby Boomer generation are turning 65 at a rate of approximately 10,000 people per day. Read More

New virtual alternatives are drawing attention and business away from professional services in all sorts of industries—from travel and marketing agencies to wealth management and banking. Read More

New American Funding announced today that its President and Co-Founder, Patty Arvielo will be a luncheon keynote speaker at the Southern California Women Business and Wellness Conference and Expo hosted by Hispanic Lifestyle, an enterprise that promotes positive images of the Latino Community. Read More

Whether the clients in front of you are married, in a relationship, related, or just partnering to afford a home doesn't really change things from your perspective. As an experienced Loan Officer, you still look for the best, most affordable way for them to access the credit they need based on their application. Read More

Snapchat is the social app that has already captivated the attention of tweens and teens, and is now finding its way into the hands of older generations and even of some businesses’ marketing strategists. The reason is simple: Snapchat is really engaging. Read More

Where applications from single borrowers used to be a rarity, these homebuyers now account for Read More

With all of the drama surrounding the Presidential election coming up in November, people may have missed the bond market trading off to four month highs in yields. If you did miss it, it's probably due to the fact that mortgage rates have not tracked closely with Treasury rates and have moved very little. Read More

MARKET UPDATE | From the desk of JASON OBRADOVICH, EVP of Capital Markets

The US Presidential election is on November 8th. There are two more FOMC meetings this year, November 2nd and December 14th. Read More

Applying and getting approved for a home loan requires a laundry list of paperwork, but that's not just because the lender wants to be annoying. In reality, the pile of forms that borrowers need when applying for a mortgage works to their benefit, since it helps lenders understand that person's financial situation and what kind of loan is right for them. Read More

There is no denying the opportunity home-buying Millennials represent as they enter their household-forming years. Connecting with these clients isn’t as mysterious as many would have you believe. Read More

While the current environment of low interest rate mortgages bodes well for those looking to enter the housing market, it's also great news for financially-savvy homeowners. According to statistics from Freddie Mac, the going rate for a Read More

Fads and trends come and go, but they tend to stick around longer when propelled by necessity. This may be the case with a new interest among first-time homebuyers in what's being called "micro-housing. Read More

You have probably heard that if you want to obtain a loan on anything from a car to house, you will need to have a good credit score, but if you are like many other Americans out there, you probably don't know what exactly characterizes a good score.

When it comes to home buying, there is unfortunately no magic credit score that will guarantee your approval for a loan. Read More

If you're looking to begin the process of finding and applying for a home loan, chances are you'll already be feeling overwhelmed before even signing any paperwork. By choosing a knowledgeable, high-quality lender who takes service seriously, it's easy to approach the process one step at a time. Read More

After making your monthly car, rent, and student loan payments, then spending what you need for essentials, saving money can be tough. If what you are trying to save for is a home, the prospect of putting away enough for a down payment may seem daunting, but it’s not impossible. Read More

You've probably heard of curb appeal, but what about a home's air appeal? It may not seem necessary to consider what your property looks like from above, but if current trends involving the use of drones in real estate are any indication, it may be much more important soon.

Drones are making it easier to get a unique look at a home. Read More


MBS RECAP: Markets Had ECB Almost Perfectly Pegged

Posted To: MBS Commentary

Talk about your anticlimactic conclusions! It's not that the European Central Bank (ECB) was likely to make any meaningful changes in its policy stance today, but it nonetheless served as an important opportunity to confirm or deny the notion that Draghi's late June comments were a step in the direction of a tapering announcement--perhaps later this year. Draghi essentially denied it--saying they hadn't even discussed the September meeting as a tapering announcement target, nor had they discussed it at all. That may or may not be factual. Certainly, we've seen newswires that suggest quite the opposite, such as this one from July 13th that did noticeable damage to bond markets: ECB COULD ANNOUNCE PLANS TO WIND DOWN QE AT ITS SEPT. 7 POLICY MEETING--ECB OFFICIALS Technically though...(read more)

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Mortgage Rates Hold 3-Week Lows After Central Bank Announcements

Posted To: Mortgage Rate Watch

Mortgage rates held relatively steady today, keeping them in line with the lowest levels in more than 3 weeks. There was relatively little market movement in response to the policy announcement from the European Central Bank (ECB). That's a good thing considering much of the recent gains in rates can be attributed to traders growing more optimistic about the ECB's stance. To put all this in plain English , the ECB buys bonds. This puts downward pressure on rates around the world (more so in Europe than in the US, but we still get some indirect benefit). There was some concern at the end of June that the ECB was getting closer to announcing it would buy fewer bonds. While that day will likely come eventually, today's announcement assures markets that it hasn't been discussed yet. The relatively...(read more)

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