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For many families, holiday gift-giving includes donating money, as well as time and goods. With so many options to choose from, here are some guidelines for determining where your contribution is likely to have the impact you intend. Read More
When it comes to buying a new home in retirement, conventional wisdom says most people will downsize from what they currently have and spend less. However, surveys find that 48 percent of respondents plan to spend the same amount or more on a new home. Read More
Fortune and Great Place to Work® have identified New American Funding as one of the top workplaces for diversity in the country. The national mortgage lender ranked #42 in the nation on the 3rd annual list, which is based on employee feedback and the amount of diversity within an organization’s workforce. Read More
In NerdWallet’s annual Best-Of Awards program, which highlights the top financial companies and products nationwide, the personal finance website has named New American Funding as a 2019 two-time winner. The mortgage-industry leader has scored one of the awards in the category of Best Mortgage Lender for Purchase Loans and Best Mortgage Lender for FHA Loans. Read More
From glittering decorations to warm holiday parties, December is a month of celebration. It’s also one of the most popular times of year for getting engaged. Read More
From glittering decorations to warm holiday parties, December is a month of celebration. It’s also one of the most popular times of year for getting engaged. Read More
According to the National Retail Federation’s October survey, consumers plan to spend an average of $967. 13 on the holidays this year. Read More
New American Funding, a leader in the mortgage industry, has named Eric and Leslie Bergen as Area Production Manager and Area Sales Manager respectively. They will be key leaders responsible for expanding the company’s footprint across Texas and New Mexico through increasing loan production, onboarding Loan Originators, and opening new branches. Read More
Hello everyone and welcome back to the Mortgage Rundown brought to you by New American Funding. Today we are going to talk this week’s FOMC meeting Most likely by now you’ve heard that the Federal Reserve raised interest rates this week by 25bps to the range of 1. Read More
With the world coming together to cheer on some of its best Olympic athletes, winter sports will be top of mind. While a backyard bobsledding track may not be in the cards, an ice rink might be just the thing to feed your family’s Olympic Fever. Read More
With another flag-raising occasion upon us, it’s time to ask, “Are you displaying your American flag correctly?” More than a simple show of patriotism, there are actually federal rules for how to fly the colors respectfully. Are You Following the Rules? Most of us know that under no circumstances should the U. Read More
When you are saving for a down payment, it may help to start spending like a billionaire. It’s not as crazy as you may think. Read More
With 20–25 percent of the U. S. Read More
This is it. You’re ready to make the move into homeownership. Read More
Congratulations on making your move! A career in real estate comes with challenges, but just know that it will all be worth it! You have joined a field that was recently ranked second as the happiest industry. Real Estate Agents also report a high level of job satisfaction in surveys. Read More
Expecting a baby is an exciting time, filled with hope and planning for the future. For many, it’s a time to feather their nests, so to speak, as they wait to meet the new addition to their family. Read More
As you step into your new married life together, if you haven’t already, it’s time to start thinking like the life partners you’ve just become. Among the first things you’ll want to consider and talk about are your plans and how you will afford them. Read More
For most kids, heading back to school is an exciting time. It’s a chance to reconnect with friends, see new classrooms and experience the accomplishment of moving up a grade level. Read More
HousingWire, a leading source for mortgage news, has named Patty Arvielo, a Woman of Influence for 2017. Arvielo made the 7th annual list, which highlights the 50 most high-achieving women impacting the housing industry nationwide. Read More
Alan Greenspan in 2005 referred to the bond market as a “conundrum” when the Fed had raised rates 150bps yet longer term bond yields were falling.   And at the same time the dollar was falling and stock prices were rising. Read More
Once you're moved into your new home, relieve the stress of the process with some fun, easy meals for the first week. Follow the link to take the quiz at:  http://www. Read More
Whether you installed an outdoor kitchen, built a new deck, or went all in on shrubbery, once the improvements are made, it’s time to enjoy them. Here are five tips on how to get your money’s worth from your new outdoor living spaces. Read More
First, congratulations! You already answered the biggest question you’ll face: “Will you marry me?” That was the easy part—you knew in your heart what you wanted. Deciding how and where you answer that same question in the presence of your respective families and friends, however, is likely to involve both your heart and your wallet. Read More
Among the benefits members our armed forces receive for their service is access to the VA loan program, which helps finance homeownership. These loans tend to be more attractive—in terms of rates, credit requirements, down payments, and refinancing—than those available to nonmilitary homebuyers. Read More
It’s always good news when a marketing plan you’ve put together for a client works so well that the home receives multiple offers. Once it has, you are in a much better position to help the seller make the most of the situation. Read More
Unwinding unprecedented stimulus is no easy task. I don’t envy the Fed’s position of raising interest rates to a more sustainable level as well as reducing the balance sheet, the $4. Read More
When you are about to make the largest purchase of your life, you need someone who will not only find you a low rate, but who gets the significance and wants to help you succeed in the most affordable way possible. After all, the terms of your mortgage will impact your household finances for years to come. Read More
After the initial excitement over the arrival of the acceptance letters, the reality of having to pay for college sets in. While there are many scholarship opportunities and other financial aid sources, there may still be a gap between what is needed and what you’ve saved and the school offered your child. Read More
In my opinion the 10yr Treasury is a great gauge of economic well-being in this country (currently at 2. 22%). Read More
Congratulations and welcome to your after-college years! As the saying goes, your future is ahead of you. To make the most of this world of opportunity, and to get closer to achieving the dream of homeownership, it helps to have  control over your spending and to start saving early. Read More
When you’re interviewing for a job, it’s common to be asked a series of behavioral interview questions and even to take a standard Myers-Briggs test. For a potential employer, understanding your tendencies, interpreting how you make decisions, and identifying the circumstances most likely to stress you out helps determine if you are a good fit for both the company and the position. Read More
It’s no secret that the use of student loans to pay for college has mushroomed, so much so that 41 percent of first time homebuyers currently have student loan debt. Many more potential  first time homebuyers are actually delaying homeownership—71 percent—because of concerns involving their student loans. Read More
"Don't fight the Fed" has always been a very popular piece of advice. Make no mistake that the FOMC wants to continue to raise interest rates for the foreseeable future. Read More
As the next wave of investors decide they’re ready to make the move from residents to landlords, there is an opportunity for you to demonstrate your expertise in meeting the needs of this client niche. Many would benefit from a better understanding of how the shift changes their financing options and the underwriting process. Read More
I have heard no better analogy in describing the post-election euphoria around future GDP and interest rates then comparing the state of the markets to an escalator. In many people’s minds the economy, thanks to historically low interest rates for an extended period of time has put the US economy onto an escalator which will continue to rise for the years to come. Read More
Can your position in the birth order of your siblings—or not having any siblings—influence your money management style and the decisions you make around finance? Numerous academic studies—stretching over several decades—provide support for a link between birth order and money-management skills. It may not be a perfect fit, but it is a statistical one. Read More
The markets continue to make corrections in all areas as the new administration prepares to take office and there are only a short 10 days until the inauguration of Donald Trump. What the world and the markets for that matter will look like are still under debate. Read More
Total US retirement assets are valued somewhere around $25 trillion and have likely increased with the latest stock market rally since Election Day. Most of this money is managed by a third party and if you are the money manager, regardless of your preference between stocks, bonds, index funds or other, you must make a choice between what is cheap and what is rich. Read More
Today the FOMC raised the benchmark interest rate by 25bps to the range of 0. 50 to 0. Read More
While the bond market is performing very similar to the infamous Taper Tantrum of 2013, this is a very different market today. Recall that Taper Tantrum was about removing accommodation. Read More
Oro Valley, AZ – New American Funding, a national mortgage banker headquartered in Southern California, announced today that it has expanded its Western territory with a new Arizona location. The branch will celebrate its grand opening with a ribbon-cutting ceremony on Wednesday, November 30, 2016, at 3:00 PM MST. Read More
Where applications from single borrowers used to be a rarity, these homebuyers now account for 24 percent of home purchasers. It's a trend that's expected to lead to more than 41 million single-person homeowners by 2030. Read More
The US Presidential election is on November 8th. There are two more FOMC meetings this year, November 2nd and December 14th. Read More
Despite a lot of discussion surrounding the ways in which the housing market is cooling, many homeowners continue to experience equity gains from their properties. The pace may have slowed somewhat, but property values are still appreciating on a year-over-year basis, especially in markets where inventory levels are tight. Read More
If you're looking to begin the process of finding and applying for a home loan, chances are you'll already be feeling overwhelmed before even signing any paperwork. By choosing a knowledgeable, high-quality lender who takes service seriously, it's easy to approach the process one step at a time. Read More
Applying and getting approved for a home loan requires a laundry list of paperwork, but that's not just because the lender wants to be annoying. In reality, the pile of forms that borrowers need when applying for a mortgage works to their benefit, since it helps lenders understand that person's financial situation and what kind of loan is right for them. Read More
After making your monthly car, rent, and student loan payments, then spending what you need for essentials, saving money can be tough. If what you are trying to save for is a home, the prospect of putting away enough for a down payment may seem daunting, but it’s not impossible. Read More


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