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Many of us avoid budgets. Maybe it’s the name, or perhaps the assumption that being on one requires giving up the things we want. Read More
Ready to get serious about homeownership? Then it’s probably time to start saving for a down payment. While down payments can seem like a challenge, they are really like any other goal you set for yourself, doable. Read More
Many young adults dream of making the switch from renting to owning a home. When these aspiring homeowners are also your kids, it's only natural to want to help. Read More

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So what's the skinny on buying a condo? Are there any different procedures, any extra considerations to make? Most definitely! There are many reasons, and pros and cons to buying a condo. If you, or someone you know, is looking to make a condo their new home, read on to find out all that comes along with it. Read More
Read more at http://www. newamericanagent. Read More
Read more at http://www. newamericanagent. Read More