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Learn More About What New American Funding - Fort Collins Can Offer You!

Every story of home buying is unique, so we offer a variety of loans to meet our clients’ needs. Here at NAF Fort Collins, we specialize in Conventional, FHA, Fixed Rate and Adjustable Rate Mortgages, VA, HARP 2.0, Jumbo, and Reverse Mortgages.

Home Improvement Loans

Finance alterations, remodeling or structural improvements with one of our Home Improvement Loans. These loans allow your mortgage balance to exceed the purchase price or appraised value of the home, so you can take out extra money for upgrades.

Conforming Loans

This program is for borrowers who have a 20% down payment, would like to avoid payment mortgage insurance premiums, are looking to purchase or refinance a primary home, second home or investment property, and would like a 30-year term or no conventional I/O. We provide both 15, 20 and 30 Year Conforming Fixed Rate Loans as well as a full portfolio of Adjustable Rate Mortgages.

VA Loans

The VA loan is designed to offer long-term financing to eligible active duty military personnel and veterans who qualify for special mortgage rates and housing programs that are federally insured by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs.

Reverse Mortgage

Seniors aged 62 and over are able to convert the equity in their homes to monthly income or a line of credit. Reverse Mortgages can also be used to purchase your retirement home.

Jumbo Mortgage

Conventional loans are often not enough to cover the financing for high-priced luxury homes. A Jumbo mortgage is a privately securitized mortgage with higher payouts that can be used to finance up to 89 percent of your new home.

FHA Loans

These are federally insured loans that offer financing to people who may struggle to qualify for traditional loans. Typically, FHA loans require little to no down payment, and feature flexible terms, making them popular among first-time home buyers and those with less-than perfect credit.