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Maintaining your home is a work in progress. Not caring for it properly may result in expensive home repairs down the line that could have been avoided with a little prevention. The good news is that by exercising some routine maintenance, you can keep your home running efficiently, which may save you significant money in repairs down the line.


Roof and Gutters … Check!

Check your roof and around your vents, skylights and chimney for leaks. Cracked or missing shingles may indicate your roof needs fixing or replacing. Ignoring leaks may compromise your home’s drywall and insulation, possibly leading to rot and interior water damage.

Keeping debris out of your gutters is necessary for an effective drainage system when it rains. With clogged gutters, there is a risk for water to seep under your roofing and through your ceilings, siding and walls for lots of potential damage.

Fight the Termites

Termites love wood – and most homes have lots of it. So how can you avoid these pests that can cause sizable damage to your home? The answer is to stay vigilant with regular inspections by a reliable pest control company. Also, limit the presence of wood near the ground, which provides easy access for termites. And since termites flourish with water, be sure to fix leaky pipes and avoid excessive moisture buildup.

Don’t Let Mold Take Hold

Mold can thrive in your home where there is too much humidity or moisture. Once mold spores are released into the air, there is the possibility of allergic reactions and other health concerns. Act preventatively by using air conditioners, dehumidifiers and exhaust fans. Also, choose household cleaners with mold-killing ingredients like bleach. Try paints and primers that contain mold inhibitors and avoid placing carpet in areas susceptible to water such as basements and bathrooms.

Care for Your Air

When it comes to your HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning), proper maintenance, such as keeping the air filters clean, allows your system to keep working efficiently – and not harder. A routine inspection performed by an HVAC professional could diagnose future problems early, as well as keep the unit functioning optimally. 

Your Refrigerator Coils Call

Dirty coils cause a refrigerator to work a lot harder than it should have to — which could mean a higher electric bill. This common occurrence can be easily remedied by unplugging the appliance and cleaning the coils with a coil cleaning brush. You can also vacuum the coils using a nozzle attachment.

Getting It Done

Remember: an ounce of prevention goes a long way. If you’re handy, you could consider doing the repairs yourself to save money on labor costs. However, make sure you fully understand the task and the risks, including safety hazards. Plus, keep in mind the costs of having to re-do a job that gets botched. If you decide to move ahead and have somebody else do the repairs, it would be a good idea to consult a reliable licensed professional.

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