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Are successful Loan Officers born or made?  Perhaps it's a little bit of both.  The profession definitely benefits from certain key traits, including a special blend of self-confidence and competence along with an engaging personality.  Success also comes from a sense of self-determination and a commitment to following through.

To help nurture your natural drive and ambition, here are some observations we've made over the years on what leads to being successful in this area.

Tips for Greater Success

  1. Turn criticism into an opportunity to improve.  During the mortgage process, tension can run high.  It's not personal.  Use any criticism, justified or not, to consider how you may be able to improve the way you conduct business and communicate in the future.
  2. Keep learning.  Even when you think you know it all, believe that you don't.  Keep learning about your craft and striving to do better.
  3. Set expectations.  It's always better to under promise and then over deliver.  Telling people what they want to hear can do more damage than laying out the facts and woking on a plan to acheive better results.
  4. Be proactive.  Keep the loan process moving toward closing.  Quarterbacking the process may not always be your job, but clients seek accountability and appreciate someone who can get them answers.
  5. Stay hungry.  Keep to your plan of introducing yourself and your services by calling or messaging two to four new professional contacts a day.  From Real Estate Agents, builders and attorneys who specialize in closings to financial planners, continue building your professional network.

Ultimately, what drives success is an appreciation for clients' property-owning aspirations and the underlying desire to help them acquire a home they can afford for years to come.