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Social media channels were made for Real Estate Agents. Your world, after all, is about fostering connections, too. Taking your efforts online can greatly accelerate the process.

The Virtual You

Expanding beyond your inner circle requires you to develop an online presence as compelling as your offline presence. This takes more than adding listings online or uploading your vitual tours to YouTube. It takes interacting and engaging through the posting and sharing of content that supports your ability to anticipate and connect clients and prospective clinets with what they need next.

Here are some tips for making sure your virtual efforts work as hard for you as your in-person efforts.

  1. Be polite. It turns out your mother was right: "Please" and "thank you" open doors to what you want. One researcher found that including the word "please" nearly doubles engagement with an online post.
  2. Share to be shared. Creating original content is not essential to interacting online. Regular interaction and consistent participation is, however. Retweet, share and "like" posts that are relevant to the audience you are trying to cultivate. For instance, aspiring new homeowners will benefit from seeing links on decorating tips or remodeling advice. Sharing economic data related to the health of the local home market may be useful to potential clients who are on the fence regarding their decision to buy or sell. New loan programs and even housing-related tax tips are also good items to share.
  3. Be a local advocate. Clients often choose Real Estate Agents for their local knowledge. Be that valued resource. Follow local businesses, organizations, and event calendars. Share dates for festivals in the areas where you are showing homes. "Like" news stories on social channels about inspiring local heroes. Also, when you are out and about, remember to capture day-in-the-life photos of your neighborhoods. Whether it's a cute dog strolling by, seasonal shots, or a group gathering in a nearby park for outdoor movies or festivals, snap it and post it to Facebook, Instagram, and even Twitter.
  4. Use hashtags wisely. When you post to Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, consider using hashtags for the categories people are looking at when they are researching neighborhoods online. Being part of the posts under that feed can introduce you to these prospective clients.
  5. Consider using domain names for properties. While there is a modest expense to owning a URL, it helps you promote specific properties and also gives you the ability to track how many views a property has received and who is looking at it.
  6. Highlight a home's unique features. Consider using the visual platforms - Pinterest and Instagram in particular - to highlight the artful details of a home that aren't obvious when you simply upload slides to a real estate listing page. For instance, featuring the handmade tiles of a unique backsplash or the afternoon light coming through a window are ways of conveying the little things that will actually make a property feel like a home for its buyer.

Making connections and expanding your network have alwasy been the keys to a Real Estate Agent's success. Taking your social skills into the virtual world can greatly enhance your effectiveness in connecting with those who would welcome making your acquaintance.