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This is it.   You're ready to make the move into homeownership. Read More
When you are saving for a down payment, it may help to start spending like a billionaire.   It's not as crazy as you may think. Read More
With 20-25 percent of the U. S. Read More
Congratulations on making your move!  A career in real estate comes with challenges, but just know that it will all be worth it!  You have joined a field that was recently ranked second as the happiest industry.   Real Estate Agents also report a high level of job satisfaction in surveys, it makes sense. Read More
As of late June, Freddie Mac began phasing out the appraisal step from its lenders' approval process for certain refinancings.   However, the agency expects the requirement for mortgages on some home purchases as well in the near future. Read More
Expecting a baby is an exciting time, filled with hope and planning for the future.   For many, it's a time to feather their nests, so to speak, as they wait to meet the new addition to their family. Read More
As you step into your new married life together, if you haven't already, it's time to start thinking like the life partners you've just become.   Among the first things you'll want to consider and talk about are your plans and how you will afford them. Read More
For most kids, heading back to school is an exciting time.   It's a chance to reconnect with friends, see new classrooms and experience the accomplishment of moving up a grade level. Read More
Purchasing a fixer-upper can do more than satisfy your housing needs.   It offers you an opportunity to restore a whole structure to its full market value and even improve the look of your neighborhood. Read More
Being a Real Estate Agent isn't just an occupation - it means you are in business for yourself.   That's both freeing and a responsibility. Read More
Whether you installed an outdoor kitchen, built a new deck, or went all in on shrubbery, once the improvements are made, it's time to enjoy them.   Here are five tips on how to get your money's worth from your new outdoor living spaces. Read More
First, congratulations! You already answered the biggest question you'll face: "Will you marry me?" That was the easy part - you knew in your heart what you wanted.   Deciding how and where you answer that same question in the presence of you respective families and friends, however, is likely to involve both your heart and your wallet. Read More
The 2016 J. D. Read More
Among the benefits members our armed forces receive for their service is access to the VA loan program, which helps finance homeownership.   These loans tend to be more attractive - in terms of rates, credit requirements, down payments, and refinancing - than those available to nonmilitary homebuyers. Read More
It's always good news when a marketing plan you've put together for a client works so well that the home receives multiple offers.   Once it has, you are in a much better position to help the seller make the most of the situation. Read More
Members of the Millennial generations (born between 1980 and 1998) are on the move, with a growing number moving into homeownership.   During 2016, they accounted for 34% of homebuyers according to The National Association of REALTORS (NAR) Home Buyer and Seller Generational Trends Report 2017. Read More
The multigenerational household was a fairly common occurrence until the 1950's, when it gave up ground to the lure of the suburban development and the rise of the nuclear family.   Times have changed, and with them a greater appreciation for multigenerational living. Read More
Having outdoor living spaces that go well beyond a picnic table and charcoal grill hold appeal for most buyers.   Conversation areas, fire pits, and outdoor kitchens range from desireable to "must have" in some parts of the country. Read More
Just reading the word "vacation" may be enough to make you feel more relaxed.   Imagine if helping clients find the perfect vacation were a regular part of your real estate practice. Read More
Many homeowners plan for retirement by assuming they'll want to downsize when the time comes.   However, as they near that point, they may feel differently. Read More
The hardest part of selling a home, whether you do it yourself (FSBO) or use a Real Estate Agent, is putting a price on your property.   Pricing a property too low or too high might keep you from getting all you can for your home or lead potential buyers to not consider your listing. Read More
What do dads need?  It turns out, they need some space - and not just on Father's Day, but all year round. While homes tend to be used for practical reasons, they also meet emotional needs. Read More
When you choose the "for sale by owner" (FSBO) route, you stand to save a substantial amount of money by not having to pay a Real Estate Agent commission.   Since you'll be performing all of the tasks a Real Estate Agent would, it helps to start thinking like an agent. Read More
Whether you live in a drought-prone area, want to reduce your utility bills, or wish to simply lower your environmental footprint this summer, there are many small adjustments you and your family can make to reduce your water and energy use. Water You Waiting For? Depending on where you live, you may not have given your water habits much thought. Read More
Deciding to sell your home on your own, otherwise known as "for sale by owner (FSBO)," can save you a substantial amount of money.   That savings can range from the percent commission you would have paid as a seller to a Real Estate Agent, to potentially twice that amount if you buyer is also not using an agent. Read More
Once you decide homeownership is in your future, getting preapproved for a mortgage and engaging a Real Estate Agent may be among your next steps.   They shouldn't be your first steps, however. Read More
After the initial excitement over the arrival of the acceptance letters, the reality of having to pay for college sets in.   While there are many scholarship opportunities and other financial aid sources, there may still be a gap between what is needed and what you've saved and the school offered your child. Read More
Are successful Loan Officers born or made?  Perhaps it's a little bit of both.   The profession definitely benefits from certain key traits, including a special blend of self-confidence and competence along with an engaging personality. Read More
Congratulations and welcome t oyour after-college years!  As the saying goes, your future is ahead of you.   To make the most of this world of opportunity, and to get closer to achieving the dream of homeownership, it helps to have control over your spending and to start saving early. Read More
When you are about to make the largest purchase of your life, you need someone who will not only find you a low rate, but who gets the significance and wants to help you succeed in the most affordable way possible.   After all, the terms of your mortgage will impact your household finances for years to come. Read More
It's no secret that the use of student loans to pay for college has mushroomed, so much so that 41 percent of first time homebuyers currently have student loan debt.   Many more potential first time homebuyers are actually delaying homeownership - 71 percent - because of concerns involving their student loans. Read More
When you're interviewing for a job, it's common to be asked a series of behavioral interview questions and even to take a standard Myers-Briggs test.   For a potential employer, understanding your tendencies, interpreting how you make decisions, and identifying the circumstances most likely to stress you out helps determine if you are a good fit for both the company and the position. Read More
Whether they are still active or retired, U. S. Read More
As the next wave of investors decide they're ready to make the move from residents to landlords, there is an opportunity for you to demonstrate your expertise in meeting the needs of this client niche.    Many would benefit from a better understanding of how the shift changes their financing options and the underwriting process. Read More
A populat TB show involves a designer competing with a Real Estate Agent for the hear and finances of the featured homeowners.   The designer offers a remodeling plan - whitin the homeowner's budget - to address as many of the things abou thte home that led to considering a move. Read More
Clients who express an interest in buying a green home may do so for different reasons.   Some may be singularly focused on the cost efficiency of the home. Read More
Are you wondering where you can get the best return for your home improvement dollars?  Whether you are getting ready to sell or just want to make your home more comfortable, here are five fixes that can provide you with immediate results. Improvements You'll Want to Make Sooner Rather Than Later Add attic insulation. Read More
Whether clients are buying or selling, sometimes it can seem like the pets are in charge.   A recent National Association of REALTORS (NAR) survey indicates that may not be as much of an overstatement as you think. Read More
Even if it weren't Get Organized Day, it would still be a good day to look for ways to eliminate any accumulated clutter in your life.   The reason is simple, being organized literally pays. Read More
Do you offer your clients an annual loan review after their mortgages close? Now would be a good time to start. With interest rates forecasted to inch up throughout the year many clients might benefit from refinancing. Read More
Whether you are a retired member of the U. S. Read More
Buyers who invest in real estate can be a lucrative source of repeat business. Unlike typical clients, who may only be involved in a few transactions during their lifetime, investors are frequent buyers. Read More
There are many considerations when deciding between renting and buying. Renting may seem like the cheaper option, but that may not necessarily be the case once you look at your possible deductions. Read More
As a home-owning Baby Boomer, you may be living with a sizable amount of home equity. In fact, individuals over the age of 55 amount for 25 percent of the U. Read More
Even with current rate trends, refinancing remains an attractive option for many clients. Rates remain rather low, on a historical basis, and as long as the U. Read More
Moving during childhood is something many of us did as kids. Whether a move is to a bigger home or a school district with more resources or related to a parents' career or a change in marital status, it can be challenging for children. Read More
For 2017, the Pantone Color of the Year is "Greenery. " The company chooses its annual shade of distinction based on cultural trends, and it singled out "new growth" as this year's key theme. Read More
When you're ready to make a move, especially if it's your first move into homeownership, you may think your budget will go farther if you focus on the condo market rather than on single-family homes. While a condo may very well be the right choice for you, be sure to weigh all the associated factors to determine the most livable housing solution. Read More
When you're ready to make a move, especially if it's your first move into homeownership, you may think your budget will go farther if you focus on the condo market rather than on single-family homes. While a condo may very well be the right choice for you, be sure to weigh all the associated factors to determine the most livable housing solution. Read More
If you're a Millenial and attending college, there is an excellent chance student debt is part of your financial life. Total U. Read More
Soon the national conversation will turn to the vulnerability of top seeds, the "Sweet Sixteen," and Cinderella stories. Many of us will pour over our brackets, taking part in March Madness, while the rest will be doing it out of a true love for the game. Read More
As a Real Estate Agent, you hold a certain position in your community - you literally know it inside and out. That can give you a unique perspective on its needs and the resources necessary for meeting them. Read More
Many people have the idea that being a landlord is as simple as quitting your day job and collecting checks every month. Don't let this day dream fool you. Read More
Previously considered nontraditional buyers, single people now account for 24 percent of home purchasers. The decision to own alone crosses all age groups from young, first-timers to a growing number from the 55-and-over category. Read More
Whether it's a larger kitchen for future holiday entertaining or a wave of inspiration after visiting you in-laws' new condo, you may find yourself ready to make some changes. Replace Versus Remodel When it comes to updating your home, the first question you need to ask yourself is, "How long to I plan to stay in this house?" You may be in your home for the duration, which means customizing it to your needs and personal tastes makes sense. Read More

Ways to Protect Your Credit

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Mortgage lending has its own language. It's a language most clients don't speak and may not be interested in learning. Read More
Once you have spent time finding the home you love, it's important to keep in mind that it will take some time before homeownership is a reality. House hunting begins the journey but the home-buying process is another step-by-step procedure. Read More
It used to be that home buying was regarded as the "adulting" step that came after marriage and before family. Today, not so much. Read More
As soon as that last piece of turkey is safely tucked away in the fridge, it feels like a bell goes off, giving you permission to spend. Let's be honest - during the holidays you are going to spend on things like gifts, party giving, and party going. Read More
Previous generations may have seen moving out of the family home as a rite of passage, but today, many young adults view living with mom and dad - and maybe a grandparent or two - as a lifestyle choice. The trend toward this type of living arrangement is strong enough that new home builders are rethinking floor plans to better accommodate the needs of multiple generations living under a single roof. Read More
There's no denying it's a new world for mortgage clients and that to keep clients satisfied and engaged - and cultivate them as future business sources - managing expectations is the key. It's Not You or Them. Read More
Listing during the holiday season can be a bit more challenging as your clients compete with other activities for buyers' attention. Yet it offers some bonuses as well. Read More

Getting Ready to Purchase a Home?

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Members of the Baby Boomer generation are turning 65 at a rate of approximately 10,000 people per day. This trend is expected to continue for the next 15 years, and as more and more retire, they are looking at making a move. Read More
Social media channels were made for Real Estate Agents. Your world, after all, is about fostering connections, too. Read More

The Benefits of VA Homeownership

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New virtual alternatives are drawing attention and business away from professional services in all sorts of industries—from travel and marketing agencies to wealth management and banking. Yet, they haven’t made much of an impact on real estate professionals or their fees. Read More