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New American Funding has been named a Top Mortgage Workplace by Mortgage Professional America for 2019. The national mortgage lender ranked No. Read More
As mentioned in our recent blog about Home Loans for Self-Employed People, there are millions of individuals who may be able to purchase a home but have non-traditional incomes and don’t have the traditional income documentation required for qualified mortgage loans. These aren’t just the self-employed, but anyone with a fluctuating income or any one with the means and little or no monthly incomes to report. Read More
Similar to how everyone has different communication preferences in this constantly plugged-in world, most of us have preferred service styles as well.  That's probably always been the case to a degree. Read More
The housing market is an ever-changing entity and what was the right loan program for you when you first purchased may not be the ideal scenario for you now. Interest rates fluctuate, home values rise and fall, personal circumstance such as income and credit score can change. Read More
Are you thinking about buying a home but the idea of paying a monthly premium for mortgage insurance doesn’t exactly excite you? Or are you currently a homeowner looking to get rid of your monthly MI expense? You’re not alone. NOBODY WANTS TO PAY MORTGAGE INSURANCE. Read More

Welcome Yoshi to the Long Beach Branch!

Read More
We are very excited to announce our newest team member, Kori McManus! Give him a welcome call at 323. 228. Read More


In Addition to HQ2 Tax Breaks, Amazon Sought $1B for Other Real Estate Projects

The online retail giant has sparked a debate over whether economic incentives are a smart way for cities and states to attract jobs and development.

Top 10 Cities for Rental Investments This Year

A new analysis shows that the Midwest and East Coast are among the hotspots for rental property bargains.